Building the Brick Wall

Building the Brick Wall Investing to Serve Legacy of Caring Brick-by-Brick Sustainability Campaign Investing to Serve: Legacy of Caring With the development of a $250,000 restricted fund we will be able to secure and sustain the operations of our facility in perpetuity. At that level,…

IFAC Wish List

IFAC Wish List Pasta (all kinds)& Sauce Meats Canned Beans Fruits Peanut Butter Shampoo Bar Soap Toilet Paper Dishliquid Toothpaste Detergent Quart/Gallon Zip-lock Bags Brown Paper Bags  

ADC Wish List

ADC Wish List 100 % FRUIT JUICE (APPLE, CRANBERRY, GRAPE) We use about 30 bottles a month WET WIPES (toilet disposable) Bingo Prizes: Dollar Tree type items- desperate need for items suitable for men!!!!! Cookies, graham crackers, snack crackers, cheez-its Kleenex tissues  


Donations FCHUM offers a wide variety of methods that companies, churches and individuals may take advantage of to provide donations for ministry services. Follow this link to review a complete list of donation venues. The Fern Creek Highview United Ministries is recognized by the IRS as a…